Help Get Out the Vote in Support of Measure 110!

As you know, Oregonians begin voting this week!  
OSSWA has endorsed Measure 110, and the Measure 110 team is asking for our members help by signing up for phone banking from the safety of your own home. The goal of Measure 110 is to treat those with addiction with a health response, not punishment or jail time, which ruins lives. While ensuring significantly more access to treatment and recovery services across Oregon (health assessments, treatment beds, peer supports, stable/transitional housing, harm reduction interventions), Measure 110 will remove criminal penalties for low-level possession of drugs currently classified as misdemeanors. Measure 110 will lower racial disparities in drug arrests by 94%. This measure is an important step towards racial equity in Oregon and will ensure a more humane and effective health-centered approach, with treatment that is accessible, culturally-responsive, and trauma-informed.

Please sign up by going to this link.  
Measure 110 folks will help train you and walk through the process of helping.



Letter from Queer BIPOC School Social Workers to OSSWA Board. 

OSSWA’s Response to George Floyd’s Murder

Anti-Racism Resources for School Social Workers

COVID-19 Resources

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