Meeting Minutes 11/28/17

Oregon School Social Work Association



November 28, 2018


Mary Krogh

Julie Prindle

Kenan Ginsberg

Julia Cohen

Kate Allen

Carolyn Bleckman

Caleb Hall

Amy White

Kim Louvin


Agenda Discussion Next Steps
1.   Welcome and Introductions
    2.  New Direction

         Of OSSWA

  • Simplifying to 4 meetings a year.
  • Having one annual conference
  • The benefit of OSSWA is: Professional development

         Access to job



         Advocacy of

         SSW in Oregon

  • Set dates for meetings and location.
  • FInd out who would hold regional meetings and how we can meet 2 times a year virtually.
  • Post benefits of OSSWA on website.
  • Who would update job postings on facebook page or website?
    3.  Membership
  • Membership happens yearly at the conference
  • Clarify cost of membership
  • Debit paying system to pay quickly at conference
  • Update website to reflect this information.
    4.  Annual   


  • Start small this year
  • Nice to have at PSU
  • Workshops and round table discussions
  • Reserve space at PSU (PSU said Friday March 9th may be available- waiting to here back to confirm- Julie)
  • T-shirt or other items- Kate Allen working on.
  • Survey to identify session topic areas- Kate Allen
  • Invite NASW to conference once we have a date.
    5.  Advocacy                   
  • Ellen Baltus and Mary Krogh in discussion at the state level.
  • Need to have advocacy plan at the state level, district level and building level.
  • Use MSW and BSW interns to help with advocacy
  • Get update from Ellen Baltus and communicate with OSSWA
  • FInd out how much it cost to have a lobbyist


  • Potential training topics for Spring Conference: Kenan on family engagement, Mary on training for Ethics CEU’s,
  • At the conference we could also have legislative updates from Dan and Ellen
  • Conference could be advertised to students



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