Meeting Minutes 6-7-16

In attendance:

Neha Mahajan Hertzog, Beaverton SD

Kaija Daniel-Hoffman, Beaverton SD

Sara Doig, Beaverton SD

Mary Krogh, PPS

Training: Discussed planning an upcoming training and talked about the need to get clarity about who is coordinating it. Also talked about potentially having it in September in order to publicize it more effectively to school districts and social work students. Talked about 2 trainings, a half day one to give an overview of trauma informed care in the schools and a full day training on implementing the model in schools.

Mary gave an update on her conversation with Mandy Davis’ assistant about leading a training on implementing trauma informed services in schools, not basic what trauma informed services are. I asked her if Mandy could lead a longer training and the costs. This was only a preliminary conversation to get additional information.

Susie and Julie would you give us an update on using a space at PSU for a training in August or September?

Everyone – What would our PR plan be for the training?

Website: It’s updated and looks great!! If anyone has information for the website, send them to Kaija and Neha.

Proposed next meeting: second Tuesday 9/13/16 – at Lucky Lab on Hawthorne

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