School Social Work Licensure

School Social Work Licensure is now available in the state of Oregon.  For more information, please visit the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission Website:

School Social Work License TSPC 

PRELIMINARY SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER LICENSE All application fees are non-refundable. Before you pay your fee, please make sure you can meet the minimum qualifications for the Preliminary School Social Worker License.

Note: If you are licensed (active or expired) as a school social worker in another state or country and have never held an Oregon educator license, you must first apply for the Reciprocal School Social Worker License.

Type of License: The Preliminary School Social Worker License is issued to educators who have completed a school social worker preparation program and hold a master’s degree. It is valid for prekindergarten to grade 12 school administration in any school social worker position.

Term of License: Three years. Continuously renewable.

To meet the minimum qualifications to apply for the Preliminary School Social Worker License, you must:

  • Hold a master’s or higher degree in social work (regionally-accredited or foreign equivalent);
  • Have completed an initial graduate program in school social work as part of the master’s degree or separately at an institution approved for school social worker education;
  • Pass the required Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment exam;
  • Pass a criminal background clearance, including fingerprints, if necessary.

Note: It is optional to move to the Professional School Social Worker License. The Preliminary School Social Worker License may be renewed continuously.

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