OSSWA Leadership

Draft Leadership Structure

OSSWA is currently working to re-design the leadership structure in an effort to have a more equitable and transparent organization that removes barriers to engagement and participation at all levels.  We are taking action to provide clarity around different roles. We are moving to a model that is led by committees with a few exceptions where it makes sense for a specific individual to be identified, such as secretary and treasurer.  Additionally, to increase the viability of all of these committees, we will work to include a social work graduate student, whenever possible.  The proposed committees and roles are Racial Equity Committee, Legislative Committee, Secretary, Treasurer, Conference Committee, and Social Media/Outreach Committee.

The information posted on this page is currently a proposal and there are a number of ways you can participate:

  1. Give us feedback about the proposed structure.  You can do that by leaving us a comment below, sending us an email or by attending an OSSWA meeting.
  2. Join a committee.  In order for OSSWA to be truly reflective of the expanding and diverse field of school social workers in the state of Oregon, we need our members to participate.  Listed by each committee is the name and contact information for a member who can help you get connected to meetings and activities.

Proposed Committees:

Racial Equity Committee:  contact – Brenda Ramos or Ellen Sutherland

graduate student:  Vanessa Sanchez-Mexicano

Legislative:  contact – Ellen Sutherland or Neha Hertzog

graduate student: needed for the 20-21 school year

Secretary:  contact – Julie Prindle

graduate student: needed for the 20-21 school year

Treasurer:  contact – Nicole Gerber

graduate student: needed for the 20-21 school year

Conference: contact – Caroline Bleckmann or Mary Krogh

graduate student: needed for the 20-21 school year

Social Media/Outreach: contact – Kim Louvin or Neha Hertzog

graduate student: Marissa Viramontes

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