Meeting Minutes: 5-3-16

In Attendance:

Susie Snyder, Professor at PSU

Michelle Harrison, North Clackamas

Kim Clutter, Creating placements for students in David Douglas

Neha Hertzog, School Social Worker with Beaverton SD

Julia Cohen, School Counselor with Beaverton SD

Mary Krogh, Attendance Analyst PPS

Julie Prindle, Social Work Services Manager PPS

Jed, Social Work student at Meek

Kaitlyn Hashek, School Social Worker for Beaverton SD


Agenda: Update on a meeting with Representative Greenlick.   A representative from Allyssa Kenney-Geyer’s office also attended. It was a positive meeting. They were interested in hearing about how SW’ers are getting blocked from positions they are qualified for in schools. They suggested meeting with a representative from the governor’s office to get the wording changed in ODE guidelines. OSSWA will try to get a meeting with the educational rep for the Governor. Susie will write a follow-up email to Representative Greenlick to clarify next steps. He is interested in putting forth a bill that allows SW’ers to work in K-8’s interchangeably with counselors.

Schedule of future meetings: June 7th 4:00 on the west side. Julia to check on the space. Since the meeting a space was picked: Verde Cocina, 5515 SW Canyon Ct. 4:00-6:00

Action Item: Mary will meet with Neha and Kaija about website. Our meeting is scheduled for this Thursday.

Julie and Ellen will email Neha and Kaija a job description about being treasure and communications manager.

We discussed offering a training about trauma for two reasons: to expand and clarify our membership list and to offer a great training with relevance for school based work. Julie, Julia and Ellen could potentially lead the training maybe the week of Aug. 17th – 3hrs for 3 CEU’s with the last 30 minutes being introductions and networking. Training could be 9:00-1:00 with a working lunch. Discussed having it at PSU, Julie and Susie will check on the availability of the space.

Julie will forward email from SSWA. We need to have at least 15 members, complete an application, and then we could send a delegate to the assembly in July. Benefits include SSWA working with OSSWA, member discounts, member benefits, access to research about the positive impact of SW’ers in schools.

Julie and Julia and Mary met and talked about what it will take to become affiliated with SSWA.

Julie update on the group on new jobs at PPS.

Kaitlyn shared that 2 new SW positions will be posted for Beaverton SD.

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